Flight 370

I’m going to throw a theory out there about Flight 370. And in my mind it makes the most sense considering all of the facts. I’m not a pilot, but know quite a bit about planes. Most of my family are pilots, including my grandmother.

Prior to this, the theory that I had read that I was agreement with was from a 777 pilot, who said there was likely a fire on board, they pulled the boards in an effort to put out the fire, which explains the loss of transponders, they turned the plane around to land at the closest airport. At some point the crew were overwhelmed and the plane flew itself for a while. With the speed and direction set the plane would climb and dive to control speed, which would explain it going to it’s operation ceiling of 40k feet, and then as far down as 12k. And then the plane just flew until it ran out of fuel.

What I don’t like about this is if there was a fire that was severe enough to kill the passengers it would likely have destroyed all the onboard systems necessary for it to fly an additional 6 hours. It doesn’t add up.

There was something on board that plane that someone wanted: a person, a thing, something. Gold or a biological weapon? And they had to get it off and make it look like an accident. And they had to put the plane in a place where it would likely not be found. It’s likely some member of the crew was involved that could have gained themselves, and likely others, access to the cockpit. After taking control of the plane they killed the transponders and set their plan in place. They climbed the plane to 40k feet and depressurized the cabin, killing everyone on board, except for them, in 30 seconds. They then descended the plane to 12k feet, skirting radar, until they were over a drop zone, either in the ocean or over northern Malaysia. They then set the plane on autopilot for a course setting and exited the plane with their cargo. And Flight 370 continued to fly into the South Indian Ocean where it still hasn’t been found.

Based on the current cat and mouse game with the black boxes, I don’t believe they have settled on the ocean floor and have been drifting with the current. If they don’t settle and they lose the signal for good, I don’t they will be found for a long time.


Today a truck pulled up outside our house. Was it a delivery? The guy got out, walked across the street, and picked up some bags left out on our neighbors doorsteps for donation. Carlos died 6 weeks ago.

We have only been living in the neighborhood about 6 months. I talked with him a bit, he owned a landscaping company, and his yard was immaculate. He worked all the way til the end of fall after the leaves had finally stopped falling. He mentioned he was ill, but didn’t say what, I gathered it was a cardiopulmonary disease based on cough. We saw him less and less throughout the winter. And then one day there was an ambulance. My office faces their house and every day I hoped it was just a minor setback, and he would open up his garage door, look around, move around some of his landscaping stuff like he always did, then go back in. But it didn’t happen, and my wife found out from another mom in the neighborhood he had passed.

It’s another reminder that retirement is joke, and that it’s when you die.  A handful of my good friends have already lost their fathers: two to ALS, one to mental illness, another couple to cancer. Most of them about to retire from work. You need to live your life now and not save your bucket list for when you are done working, because that day may coincide with your last breath.

Go2 Smoothie

This is by far my favorite smoothie right now, and I make it almost every day. We’ve got blueberries, beets, carrots, spinach, and apple juice.

Juice beets and carrots and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. After they are frozen bag the cubes up for storage.


  • frozen blueberries
  • 3 regular sized frozen cubes of both beet and carrot juice
  • two big handfuls of spinach
  • maybe a half cup of apple juice
  • half cup of coconut water or milk
  • chia seeds (optional)

then blend that sucker. No FroYo, no serbet, just good stuff.

Secret Pancake Recipe Shhhh

My amazing grandmother used to make these for me. Now I make them for my kids. I’ve made several modification to make them a bit healthier.

  • 500g cottage cheese small curd
  • three eggs (make sure you gets the best ones with vibrant yokes)
  • 3 tablespoons ground hemp seeds (optional)
  • 3 tablespoons unbleached flour (substitute spelt etc flour)
  • half a banana (optional)

Cook in a pan or griddle on medium heat. I throw in frozen blueberries right after I pour them. Even with a nonstick pan you can use butter; I prefer coconut oil. Even better, pour them over bacon or turkey bacon for ultimate epic pancakes!

*pictures will be added next time I make them.